Dusty, arrogant, sleazy rogue(also will totally cut your head off :D)


Growing up an orphan on the streets of Amethyst, Dusty had to learn to survive the only way she could, stealing whenever possible. As she grew up, she learned to use other means to get what she wanted. She began talking smooth and using her feminine characteristics to get what she wanted from men, and sometimes women. Dusty has her hands in the underworld of Amethyst, and now lives a life of doing what and who she wants, while getting what she wants. Prefering to deal in information now, as information can be worth more than the most luxurious gold crown(going toward the master spy class can you see it :D). Her goal in life is to get ahead, she loves the alcohol, Nymph’s Kiss, and sex, and loves doing anything that will get her more money or power..though she has been known to do things simply because a fun time may be had. She is loyal to the few people in the syndicate she works for, but only because she feels that it will allow her to eventually rule it all. Her lust for power and wealth is usually hidden by her easy going attitude. Her attitude also tends to hide her intelligence, leading people to assume she is simply a tramp.

all is subject to corey’s changes just thought ide put out what I want :)


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