Character Creation

Character Creation will be by the Pathfinder book.

Ability Scores

Each player will roll four 6-sided dice, taking the highest of three to get five of the six stats. Everyone gets one 18 for a stat of their choosing.


Half Elf
Half Orc


No change here

The following feats are added to the game.

Skilled Magician [General]

Your person innate skill with magic helps you supress the wildness of magic.
Prerequisite — Must be able to cast 0 level spells.
Benefit — Your spells are treated as one level lower for determining wild magic surges.

Special — This feat must be taken at first level.

Back to the Wall [General]

You are at your best when your situation is at its worst. The minions of evil may overwhelm you, but the gods be damned if you don’t take a few of them down with you.
Prerequisite — Base attack Bonus +2.
Benefit — You gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls and to Armor Class when you are at one quarter or less of your maximum normal hit points.


All characters start play with their regional language in place of the common they would normally receive.

Napen — This is the language spoken by the Napentha, the natives of Terra Black.

Money and Equipment

Starting Money: Everyone begins the game with 2000 gold. This wealth has been earned through various means throughout your character’s life prior to the events in this game.

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Character Creation

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