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Your character will be level one. You will max each level of HP.

For stats, roll 4 6-sided dice where I can see them. You get one chance unless theyre just awful. Take the highest three out of 4. Everyone gets one 18 stat.

Your source books will primarily be the core Pathfinder materials. The advanced players guide(and the class variations inside) are acceptable following the ‘it should make sense’ guideline above.

Magic gets its own section. The strength and proliferation of magic varies in the setting depending on where you are.

Equipment should start off simple enough, and your limited funds should reflect this. You will gain magic items over time, and occasionally be able to purchase better items as well. Enchanting items works in the usual way- it is merely time and money in most cases.

The ultimate goal of this campaign will be one of fun and entertainment, with strong story elements along with mystery and intrigue.

A final word on creating your character: Make a character, not a concept. A one-trick pony is nice when you get to do your trick, but boring the rest of the time. Someone interesting, with their own motives and beliefs and a diverse set of talents will prove you more useful than a maximum damage build.

XP will be distributed throughout the night, but unless otherwise stated only level at the end of the session. Occasional distractions are fine, but do show some respect to me and the other players. Constant interruptions suck, and if you have something that needs to be shown that badly do it before or after the game. It isnt fun for the GM if everyone isnt engaged in whats going on, and its a quick way to end a campaign early.

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