Medieval city by kyle anderson

Centuries ago, the world was consumed in darkness. Nothing could escape its grasp. Through the shadows, vile beings appeared and seized the world for themselves. They would come to be known as the Dark Ones. They found delight in the misery and suffering of all other beings. They manipulated others to their own demise and toppled cities in one night.

Those who were gifted in magic found that the Dark Ones’ taint extended into them as well. There were no spells cast that the Dark Ones weren’t aware of. They could manipulate a caster’s abilities how they saw fit. A heal spell could be turned into a fireball, incinerating a comrade or loved-one. Using teleportation could find the caster instantaneously moved to the void. The world seemed powerless against them.

Mankind grew weary of the tyranny. They began taking up arms against the Dark Ones, recruiting all manner of magic and steel they could find. Realizing they were partially to blame for the Dark Ones arrival, the various bloodlines of magi joined together and with a combined effort vanquished the blight. To prevent them from returning, the global church syndicate, Tessa Del’ Tir, was established. The syndicate’s soul purpose was the protection of mankind against the darkness and themselves. Also, various factions were established to maintain order and keep peace. Among them were the Paladins of White Gale, an order of Holy Knights that enforced law with mercy, and Nemesis, an organization of Inquisitors who seek to destroy rogue magic users, especially summoners. With said powers in place, the world entered a time of peace.

A century passed and the world began changing. Magic had evolved. New casters began to appear with untold new magic. Due to some residual taint left by the Dark Ones, some casters gained dark powers that could curse or maim victims. They came to be called witches. The general population despised them, but their numbers continued to grow. Another evolution of magic came in the form of divining. Those gifted with the power of foresight came to be known as seers. They could open the fabric of time like the pages of a book and see into the future. Seeing the potential of such casters, Tessa Del’ Tir, began “collecting” seers. If any child showed signs of the gift, they were taken from their family and raised in the church for future use. This was seen as a privilege to be of use to the church. The power of a seer seemed limitless. The church used their gifts to prevent all manner of disasters. Floods, famine, even invasions were stifled by the power of the seers. They were praised and seen as a blessing.

For the city of Amethyst, the landmark to the fall of the last Dark One, the time of prosperity was not without its drawbacks. The protectors became complacent. Seeing the world in no danger of ever being faced with a the dark blight again, they began turning a blind eye to minor misdeeds. They soon lost control over the crime of the city and it spread like wildfire. The web of corruption spun by the city’s casteless enthralled all who were unfortunate enough to fall victim. While King Ahiadus, with the help of the Tessa Del’ Tir, controlled the surface of the city, the criminal organization known as The Forgotten seized its dark streets. With its roots extending deep into the city, many smaller gangs have formed there. The city steadily writhes with unrest. Kings, the casteless, and even the Tessa Del’ Tir can feel it. Something is stirring and a wind of change is about to blow….

The Remnant

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