Phantasmagoric Rabbit-girl Summoner.


Name: Ayem Ald-Seyda
Father: Urik Ald-Seyda deceased
Mother: Jhuri Ald-Seyda deceased
Adoptive Parents: Ald Lapine tribe
Physical Description
Ear/Tail Color: White
Hair: Light Lavender
Eyes: Red
Weight: About 3 stone
Height: 4’4
Favorite food: Potatoes, not originally, but if she believes it hard enough, it makes it being the only thing she’s able to grow not so bad.
Favorite Color: Blue, no wait, green. . .I forget.


Front end note: This isn’t near as much a backstory as a sorta ambiguation page for things, it will be worked on later. For one thing because I’m gonna reference a lot of locations by ‘that place where the thing happened’

Ayem Ald-Seyda. Lapine female, 11 years old.

The Ald-Seyda family migrated up from <that> with other Lapine families roughly when she was around the age of 5. Her Father, constantly curious on matters of the arcane, reared her scholastically as much as travels allowed. Unfortuanatly for him, he was a bit too intrigued by the prospect of summoning magics, and was discovered when a spell went noticeably awry. Ayem watched as her father, a heretic, and her mother, an accomplice, were drug off through a field of still flaming cats to their inevitable doom from the relative cover of a crater where a particularly large feline had combusted. Since then she has stalwartly researched what she could salvage of her father’s work, determined to prove that the magic itself isn’t evil, if not perhaps a bit hazardous to the uninitiated.

The Ald, large migratory tribe of Lapines, under the guidance of Feyd Ald-Aljihn, Composed of roughly fifty separate families of Lapine, with about five families of other tag-along Anthras. After the death of her father and mother when she was age 8, custodianship of Ayem was thrust upon the tribe at large, which did their duties to clothe and feed her, but keep a nervous eye upon her developments. Two years hence, Feyd Ald-Aljihn, aware of her growing involvement in the arcane, made an executive decision for the sake of the rest of the Ald. After numerous warnings, he banished her from the Ald, leaving her with provisions and money for the next year, hopefully until she was capable of fending for herself. She does not look upon this fact kindly.

Since her exile, she has been attempting to further her studies while surviving. Notions of foraging for tomes in abandoned arcane conclaves were dashed by the fact that A) the easier to find locations generally have an eye on them and B) Those that aren’t are so far off the beaten track that the one time she did stumble upon one she was too busy being chased by a pack of wolves. Realizing that without some form of security, it would be a bit difficult to get in, she’s resigned herself to practicing her arts near population centers, due to a noted lack of wolf packs in the surrounding woods. She currently resides in a lean to haphazardly built next to a deadfall outside <population>. It’s not the most hospitable of homes, but it beats the disgusting nature of urban environments. She’s managed to get herself a bit of self defense in the form of a bow and dagger, paid for with the last of her exile money and what little excess she could sell from her sustistance farming in the clearing formed by the deadfall. To her credit she’s only set her lean to on fire three times, the clearing on fire 12 times, and herself on fire the once.


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